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Halo Nation Training Pty Ltd (HaloNT) is always seeking strategic partnerships with trainers and assessors looking to expand their current options, training providers that want to increase their customer training base, or persons who want to move their careers into training and assessing. HaloNT currently has almost 80 courses or Units of Competency on scope, and partnerships are available to access every one of these units.

HaloNT is a Registered Training Organisation, registered in Queensland, that holds permission to develop course materials, and train and assess a range of courses and Units of Competency that it has on scope. This scope includes a number of High Risk License training options such as Dogging, Rigging, Scaffolding, Crane operations, Forklift and Work Platform. Following our approval to train and assess in NSW, we will be able to provide partnerships to an increased number of trainers and assessors to offer these courses under the RTO coverage of HaloNT.

We also have training providers under current partnerships who are looking for trainers and assessors.

Under our Partnership and Service Agreements, assessors can source their own trainees, schedule training and assessments to meet workplace and other requirements, set their own course fee schedule, and keep the bulk of what they earn for themselves.