Verification of Competency

Halo Nation Training Pty Ltd (HaloNT) has developed a Verification of Competency solution that can be tailored to fit any size business or any corporate requirement.

Competence is a measure of both proven skills and proven knowledge, so the VOC Australia Verification of Competency solution is evidence based and allows for the candidates skills to be verified before work commences. VOC Australia uses a number of methods to verify the candidates competency, including Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), on-site recognition of current competency (RCC) and operator training and development programmes.

To ensure that both the candidate and the employer can rely on the outcome, all verifications are fully documented. This is done through a combination of theoretical and practical assessments. Upon completion the candidate is issued with a VOC Competency Assessment Summary so they can commence work immediately. A plastic VOC Australia Competency card is sent to the candidate within a few weeks.

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