Scope of Training

Course and Unit Availability

Halo Nation Training Pty Ltd (HaloNT) has applied for, and been granted, the right to develop and deliver training materials and resources for more than 784 Units of Competency across 15 courses and 49 skillsets.

A course is a qualification that comprises a unit or a number of units that have been put together, usually by an industry consultative group. A skillset is a grouping of like or similar units that are delivered together because they all refer to the same basic skills in the workplace. They may comprise a height rescue unit and a CPR unit because they are a compatible industry match.

A unit, or Unit of Competency, is a single subject, that may comprise a full course of study, but that predominantly forms part of a collection of similar items that, when combined, form a course of study. All High Risk licence training can be conducted as a single Unit of Competency.

The full listing of Units of Competency and courses for HaloNT can be found at Courses of study and Units of Competency have been categorized into the following groups for convenience.

Halo Nation Training (HaloNT) has engaged in extensive consultation with industry and clients to ensure that it meets the training needs of both.

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