Partner Resources

This page contains resources for Halo Nation Training Pty Ltd (HaloNT) Partners. This page will be updated as new resources or changes to resources become available. This page was last updated on 02 August, 2014.

Australian Quality Training Framework
Partnership Agreement

HNT - AQTF Partnership Agreement

HaloNT Services Agreement

HNT - VQF Services Agreement

Assessor Alignment (QLD)

Assessor Alignment (Qld)

Assessor Alignment (NSW)

Assessor Alignment (NSW)

Corporate - Banking Details Letter (Letterhead)

Banking Details Letter

Literacy and Numeracy

HaloNT has applied for Literacy and Numeracy Learning (LLN) units as part of its application to add Cert IV in Training and Education to scope (TAELLN401A - Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills). HaloNT utilises the resources provided by the Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service to assess Literacy and Numeracy in potential candidates for a range of occupations. A number of these literacy 'quizs' are available here:

The Australian Apprenticeships and Traineeships Information Service have more literacy and numeracy quizs available for other industry sectors here.

Enrolment Form (Sample)

Updated version of the HaloNT Enrolment Form is now available. This can be downloaded from the following link, and should be used as the current version.

HNT - Enrolment Form

Formal Training and Informal Learning

HaloNT courses and Units of Competency may require classroom (Formal) training or workplace (Informal) training, or a combination of both. If a trainee is required to complete a workplace component, a formal training component may need to be undertaken first. Unless the formal component has been sucessfully completed, in most instances, the trainee will be unable to undertake any informal training component.

Formal training for High Risk Licence training must be completed before a trainee can gain any workplace experience on the use or operation of plant or machinery.

Fees/Charges/Cancellation/Refund Policy

HaloNT recommends the following Fees/Charges/Cancellation/Refund Principles.

HNT - Policy - Fees, Charges, Cancellation, Refunds

HaloNT Partners delivering accredited courses through HaloNT are not required to charge GST for those courses. The attached Ruling from the ATO defines the requirements relating to the charging of GST for tertiary courses.

ATO GST-free Ruling

HaloNT may refuse to accept an enrolment, as its discretion, at any time, for any reason.

Student Guarantee

Payment of all formal and informal training and assessment fees is to be paid to the HaloNT Partner. HaloNT is developing a Student Guarantee Scheme to address issues arising should a Trainer/Assessor be unable to continue delivering a course in which the trainee is enrolled.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

HNT - Policy - RPL

Currently, HaloNT can assist with a range of RPL applications. A candidate should contact HaloNT on 1300 HALONT in the first instance to see what options may be considered. Not all RPL applications are straight forward, and some candidates may require supplementary training or additional supervisory reports before completion.

HaloNT has developed an RPL model to assist the holders of the old Queensland OHSCER licenses and the newer TLI/CPC licences to transition to the Mining RII competencies. Please download this application form and forward it to HaloNT for evaluation. This same form can be used as an initial application for other RPL queries.

HNT - Form - RIIRPL Application

Complaints and Appeals Policy

HNT - Policy - Complaints and Appeals

Facilities and Equipment Required
(Course Confirmation Advice)

HaloNT advises that the following form is now in DRAFT and available for (limited) use, comment and review.

HNT - Booking Confirmation

Offsite Training and Assessing

HaloNT advises that the following forms are now a requirement for all trainers and assessors visiting non-approved sites.

HNT - Offsite Arrival Checklist

HNT - Offsite Equipment Declaration

HNT - Offsite Site Induction

Banners and Badges

HaloNT maintains a number of logos, banners, badges and ads for use by HaloNT Partners.

Logos and Banners/Ads