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Logos and Banners/Ads

Conditions of Use

The following describes the conditions for using HaloNT logos.

1. HaloNT Partners may use HaloNT logos to promote training where there is a direct relationship between HaloNt and the Partner.

2. Impressions must not be created that may lead an observer to conclude that HaloNT logos apply to all training provided by the Partner, if this is not the case. The HaloNT logo cannot be used by a Partner where the training is being conducted under an Arrangement with another provider, or is not endorsed by HaloNT.


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NRT Logo

HaloNT is entitled to use the Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) logo as part of its license of registration. The NRT logo is the quality mark for promoting and certifying national vocational education and training leading to Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) qualifications or Statements of Attainment.

HaloNT only uses the NRT logo on its accredited or approved Statements of Attainment. HaloNT does not use the NRT logo for any other form of marketing or advertising.

HaloNT does not permit its Partners to use the NRT logo on any marketing without the express approval and written permission of HaloNT.

Copy of the current NRT Logo Specifications